Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I should be happy, right?

I finally found the inspiration, courage, and time to build my new blog "Booze and Running Shoes." It took me over a month and a lot of soul searching to go for it because I wasn't sure if I would have the time to maintain it.  I was also apprehensive about the title because it seemed a bit controversial. Some people will say booze is not healthy, but so are donuts and bacon. So I went with it anyway because it is a part of my life.

I built this website first and wrote as much content as I can in about 48 hours. Then I created a Facebook page and invited all my friends to Like it. As I went through each of the 400 individuals in my list, I got a message saying "No thank you, I don't support alcoholism."

I was hurt. How could any of my friends or family think that I have a problem?! This is not about alcoholism. This is about fun. What kind of friend won't support me?

Later I found that it was my daughter who rejected my invitation. I was relieved that she didn't support alcoholism, but I was also disappointed that she thinks I'm not worth a Like.

How would you feel?


  1. I had 2+ glasses of wine last night. I enjoy it. It's not a problem. And you're not an alcoholic. We don't need judgmental people in our lives!!!

    1. I agree! My family can sometimes be my worst critics. I'm sure they do it for love =P